Nearly three decades ago, Summit Farms began as a 300-acre corn and soybean operation in Hardin County, Iowa. We now farm more than 14,000 acres; raise livestock; and invest in wind energy, renewable fuels and international development projects. At the heart of every operation, investment and Summit team member is a focus on integrity in business, in stewardship and in our community.

Today, Summit Agricultural Group is among the most successful and diversified agribusinesses in the Midwest. We are proud to be entrusted to protect, preserve and grow more than $3.0 billion in assets. We value that trust and assume the responsibility necessary to maintain it. We also believe it is our obligation to be responsible farmers, successful business partners and good neighbors to the communities in which we operate utilizing environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles.

The purpose of this policy is to further define our approach to ESG issues while creating value through our agriculture- and renewable energy-related funds. At Summit Agricultural Group, we are fully committed to considering ESG issues as part of our due diligence process.


investment examples

environmental, social and governance principals are incorporated THROUGHOUT Summit’s investment process


FS Bioenergia

Summit led the development of the Brazilian corn ethanol platform known locally as FS Bioenergia. The plants utilize renewable biomass as an energy source leading to the lowest carbon intensive gallon of ethanol produced at scale globally. In addition to producing sustainable products, the plants provide hundreds of permanent jobs for the region while the continued growth provides thousands of construction jobs.


Iowa Premium Beef

In 2013, we were the driving force to invest in and reopen a beef processing facility that had been shuttered for years. Now, more than 800 employees make up Iowa Premium Beef, and cattle have been purchased from more than 1,400 farm families in Iowa and neighboring states. That investment speaks to the vision and values that embody Summit Agricultural Group.

Farm Examples

Our team practices ESG Principals everyday across all aspects of our farming operations



Since the early 1990s, Summit Agricultural Group has championed resource conservation. Practices have included enrolling more than 1,000 acres in USDA conservation programs, installing 150 miles of grass filter strips, establishing a nearly 200 acre wetland and planting thousands of trees each year.


split nutrient application

In our row crop farming operations, our team makes multiple applications of fertilizer throughout the year to reduce runoff of excess nutrients. This practice ensures that crops have adequate nutrients to maximize the resources we have available while mitigating impacts on the environment.


promoting animal welfare

Summit Agricultural Group raises livestock under the highest standards of animal welfare. All Summit-owned and managed facilities provide humane living conditions, nutritious feed and fresh, potable water. Our approach means healthier animals, safer food and greater purchasing confidence for our buyers.